1. Definition: The Board of Elders shall consist of no more than twelve (12) duly ordained members. An Elder shall be ordained for lifetime service. Ordination shall occur during a public service of worship through the laying on of hands by the pastor and other ordained persons. They are to be installed as an active Elder by the congregation for an indefinite term. Recommendation for ordination as an Elder shall originate with any congregational members. These recommendations shall be reviewed by the Pastor and Ministry of Spiritual Life and the chairperson of the Board of Elders. Candidates recommended for the Board of Elders will be presented to the Cabinet for approval. Candidates for the position of Elder must be a member of the church. Should a new member of St. John United Church of Christ hold ordained Board of Elder status from another congregation, such new member shall be considered for membership on the Board of Elders at such time that a vacancy occurs. Should a member of the Board of Elders be unable to serve actively, said member shall be granted Emeritus status. Such action shall be taken after full review and discussion with the Elder involved and shall be the result of majority agreement by the Board of Elders and the Pastor.

2. Tasks: It shall be the responsibility of the Board of Elders to attend themselves to the spiritual well being of the congregation. In particular, they shall provide care and support to members facing crisis.

They shall attend themselves to:

1. Semi-annual general parish calling
2. Assisting in the celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion and Altar Care.
3. Sick and shut-in calling in conjunction with Called to Care
4. New member calling and orientation
5. Membership records
6. Monitoring membership responsibilities

They shall share with the Pastor the concern for the spiritual health and well being of the whole congregation. They shall initiate appropriate programs. They shall submit an annual budget to the Church Cabinet.