1.  Definition It shall be the responsibility of the Ministry of Facilities and Finance to manage and preserve the real and personal property of the congregation and on behalf of the congregation to administer its business affairs and financial encumbrances and appropriate, execute or otherwise hold in sacred trust all devises, grants or bequest made to the church.

2.  Membership: It shall consist of four members elected by the congregation.  It shall organize itself annually, elect a chairperson, and shall otherwise conduct its business in accordance with the directives of ARTICLE VIII, Section C of the Constitution.

3.  Tasks : This ministry shall be specifically responsible for the following tasks and others that may arise from time to time that are in keeping with its basic definitions. To accomplish these tasks the ministry may from time to time enlist other members from the congregation to assist. The ministry will work with Cabinet officers to identify potential candidates for open ministry positions.

a. Insurance

b. Inventory

c. Budget preparation

d. Cash flow forecasting and control

e. Maintenance of buildings and grounds

f. Capital improvement planning

g. Review financial reports of income and expenses

h. Collect, count and deposit all funds and provide appropriate reports to the Financial Secretary

i. Administration of an annual stewardship program

k. Work closely with the Treasurer and Financial Secretary

l. Coordination of alternate financial support to include but not limited to capital campaigns and planned giving as needed

m. Coordinate approved access of church facilities

n. Related lay staff supervision and evaluation – and such related lay staff shall not be a member of the ministry